This site gives you free access to all the books and articles of Harun Yahya, one of the leading Muslim intellectuals of our time. Also wonderful videos and audios based on the works of Harun Yahya are available on-line.  
This site introduces the Science Research Foundation (Bilim Arast?rma Vakf?) of Turkey, a non-profit organization which leads the intellectual struggle against Darwinism in Turkey. (Harun Yahya is the honorary president of SRF.)  
This site is based on the book "Perished Nations" by Harun Yahya and it displays the archaeological evidence for the Koranic narratives. The true story of the Flood, Sodom and Gomorra and other "perished nations" are revealed.  
Scientific evidence shows that the universe was created from nothingness and it was fine-tuned for human life. See the scientific refutation of materialism and the astrophysical evidences for Theism.  
Jesus will return to the world for a second time. He will unite all believers in God and bring peace to mankind, as proclaimed by the Prophet Mohammed and revealed in the Qur'an.